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We founded in the year 2012 at Pollachi, the coconut city of India, Coimbatore district, in the southern State of Tamilnadu.

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We manufacture and export coir fibre, coco peat and allied products. We have another coir unit in Erode district and our product line includes 5 KG Coco peat block. To ensure excellent quality of the pith blocks we use the coir pith produced from our own coir units. We dry the coir pith in our concrete drying yard and therefore our pith is pure from any contamination and the use of sand remover is not needed.

We use 6 MM Screener to sieve the coir pith. We have a stock spread in 5 acres of our own land and we produce a minimum of 5 tons of coir pith blocks per day. As the land abuts a water canal of good quality water Ec 0.1, the washing of the pith is being done in low Ec water only The land with excellent water 0.5 source has been purchased for the purpose of washing the pith for the buffering purpose and we plan to lay the concrete flooring and 4 bunker in the entire 5 acres in the near future. We have the source, that is, the raw material, the water and the drying yard, to supply the clients throughout the year.

We have a very good reputation in the market and hence we are supplying the coco peat blocks to KOREA and CHINA. We upgrade to the latest technologies of manufacturing continuously, to increase the production and to improve the product quality. Being the third generation in the coir field after my grandfather and my father, I have entered the field after completing my Mechanical Engineering, to take my company products globally. I have participated in GERMANY IPM fair for the past two years. I am dedicated to my company and I undertake to maintain the highest standards in my product manufacturing.

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About SR Coir

Quality raw material is sourced from various coir production centers in South India and the production process in the company's computer controlled plants features stringent quality control systems.